Birches Baseball Fans Spend the Day at Wrigley Field

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On August 3, residents of The Birches Assisted Living in Clarendon Hills took part in America’s favorite summer pastime: baseball.

Birches staff, residents and family members took a trip to Wrigley Field to watch the Chicago Cubs face off against the Miami Marlins in a game that turned out to be nail-bitingly close. In the end, the Cubs came out victorious, beating the Marlins 5-4, much to the delight of The Birches’ many die-hard Cubs fans.

Alice Zahrobsky, one such die-hard fan, was excited to get out to Wrigley Field again, since it’s been 15 years or more since she’s seen the Cubs play live.

“My favorite part was seeing Wrigley Field remodeled,” said Zahrobsky. “It’s changed so much since I’ve been there last.”

Although Zahrobsky doesn’t make it to live games often, she watches the Cubs play on T.V. religiously—a habit she picked up from her father more than five decades ago.

“My husband didn’t watch baseball, but my father loved it,” said Zahrobsky. “He took me to the games sometimes. That was back when Ron Santo was playing.”

Zahrobsky said she appreciated the opportunity to see the Cubs play live one more time, but that it will probably be her last.

“I’m so glad I made it out there one more time,” said Zahrobsky. “It was a nice experience, but it was exhausting. I think it’s the last one I have in me. I’ll have to watch them on T.V. from now on.”

When Zahrobsky and the rest of the group returned to The Birches, they ordered pizza, talked about baseball and recovered from their exciting day.

“The whole day was fun, but it was nice to spend some time relaxing and talking about the game over pizza,” said Birches Activities Director Katie Klitchman. “It was such a great bonding experience for all of us.”